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Welcome to Marlborough Girls' College Kia ora tatou katoa E mihi nui, e mihi nui. We warmly welcome you to Marlborough Girls' College.We are very proud of our school and the successes of our young women.

Principal's message

Deputy Head Girl

MillyBurfootPrefectHi I’m Milly Burfoot and I’m thrilled to be Deputy Head girl for 2018, and ready for the hectic but exciting year ahead!

My main role this year is to stand by and support our amazing Head Girl, Stacey Williams. We hope to make this year one full of self-love and improvement to make your year at Marlborough Girls College as supportive and positive as we can.

I also provide support to the lovely girls that make up the prefect team this year. As a smaller group, we plan on working closer and smarter than ever! With the new leadership style in place, this year’s going to be one for change and new ideas. We want all inspiration to come from you, from the sisterhood of MGC.

I also have the privilege of leading the Year 11 leadership group and I’m looking forward to all the ideas they have to bring to the table in their first year of being a senior. We want this school to be led from the ground up and to have input from all ages and areas of the school, so speak up and don’t be afraid to bring new ideas or challenges forward as we promise to welcome them with open arms and ears.

This year I want to encourage you all to follow your passions. Set goals not just because you have to, but because you want to. Set them around your interests, plans for the future and what makes you happy. Put purpose into your days at school, passion into the year ahead and I promise you’ll enjoy your time here so much more.

So get ready for a year of self improvement in the way we treat others, treat our time and most importantly in how we treat ourselves as Mana Wahine. Let’s make 2018 a blast!

Milly Burfoot, Deputy Head Girl 2018


Academic Prizegiving

The 2017 Senior Academic Prizegiving was held on Thursday 2 November - Marlborough Girls' College extend their congratulations to all recipients of awards and acknowledge their hard work in achieving these goals. 


Issy Cowlishaw

Proxime Accessit

Emma Gardiner

Premiere Awards

The Bartlett Cup for Merit in Class and Field - Sophie Robinson

Crawford Cup for Outstanding Achievement in Academia, Sport and Leadership - Lucy Sheat

All Round Endeavour Year 13 Fulton Cup - Issy Cowlishaw

JE Barker Award for Dignity, Sincerity and Consideration for others - McKynlee Breen

For outstanding service and leadership in all aspects of College Life - McKynlee Breen


Full details from 2017 Senior Academic Prizegiving available here - 2017 Academic Prizegiving 


My name is Lucy Sheat and I am honoured and excited to have been appointed the Sports and Well-being Prefect for 2017!

My passion is athletics and although this may seem removed from my academic journey at Marlborough Girls' College, it most certainly isn't. From experience sport in general provides opportunities in leadership, develops key characteristics such as resilience and determination and can establish in individuals communication and time management skills that I believe every learner should have. This is why I am eager to support the girls of Marlborough Girls' in finding ways that suit them to keep active and healthy, and to also support those already grounded in sport.

A healthy learner is a happy and effective learner, therefore, promoting all round well-being will be a major focus for me this year, while also recognising the incredibly hard working and talented competitive athletes we have at the college.

I am so looking forward to being challenged in this role and most of all seeing every student develop and grow in sport this year!

Lucy Sheat, Sports Prefect 2017


 Take a look at the module variations page to get an overview.

DemoModule Positions
Demo Module Layouts DemoColumn Layouts



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Form legend

Module Variations

This page gives you an idea of the position of the modules and the variations with how they can look.



Mrs West advising a student The Career Education Department at Marlborough Girls' College

HOD Careers/Careers Advisor: Mrs Cheryl West

Careers Administrator: Mrs Megan Luff

The Careers Resource Centre is situated in the Room P8 between Blocks B and C, and there is a range of brochure and computer material available for the school community to access.  

Further Careers information, including Scholarship information, may be accessed by MGC enrolled students on our Careers Moodle page.

MGC Careers - Moodle Site

Students are welcome to come and browse before school, interval, lunch time and after school.

Careers Appointments can be made by emailing the Careers Advisor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling in an appointment request slip outside Mrs West's office.

Parent queries may be answered by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning: 520 8448 Ext 880



Useful Links

www.careers.govt.nz - General careers information website provided by Careers New Zealand

www.sjs.co.nz - Student Job Search




Staff Resources

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Marlborough Girls' College, situated in Blenheim New Zealand, provides quality education for girls from Year 9 to Year 13. In 2007 there are 1070 students and 80 teaching staff members.

We take our motto seriously. Virtutem Doctrina Parat means learning prepares for life. Marlborough Girls' College prepares its students for life beyond school.

We want our girls to believe that they can make a difference, see themselves as preservers of the past, directors of the future and analysts of the past, present and future. In our ever-changing world we want our school leavers to be able to adapt to challenges and circumstances and to value the viewpoints of others.

We have an attractive campus with trees, gardens and courtyards and modern, well-maintained buildings with specialist rooms for most subjects. Added to this are extensive sports fields.

Using Typography

Inserting Typography with the HTML Editor

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Please note that the following tutorial will show you how to insert HTML (typography) into Article, the same procedure is apparent for Content Items and Custom modules. You may skip steps 4 and 5 if you are using No WYSIWYG editor.

Step 1 - Login

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Step 6 - Inserting HTML

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You will not see the effects in the content editor, all style affects are only visible on the Frontend of your Joomla! website.