My name is Lucy Sheat and I am honoured and excited to have been appointed the Sports and Well-being Prefect for 2017!

My passion is athletics and although this may seem removed from my academic journey at Marlborough Girls' College, it most certainly isn't. From experience sport in general provides opportunities in leadership, develops key characteristics such as resilience and determination and can establish in individuals communication and time management skills that I believe every learner should have. This is why I am eager to support the girls of Marlborough Girls' in finding ways that suit them to keep active and healthy, and to also support those already grounded in sport.

A healthy learner is a happy and effective learner, therefore, promoting all round well-being will be a major focus for me this year, while also recognising the incredibly hard working and talented competitive athletes we have at the college.

I am so looking forward to being challenged in this role and most of all seeing every student develop and grow in sport this year!

Lucy Sheat, Sports Prefect 2017