Hi everyone. We are Issy Cowlishaw and Fran McCulloch, and we are extremely excited to be your Academic Prefects for 2017.

This year we are placing a huge focus on making learning more enjoyable and publicising academic achievement. Once again we will be encouraging the use of SMART goals in order to help our girls reach their full potential, whether it is within or outside of the school.

Every year the level of academic achievement at our school is outstanding, and we hope to continue the success of every student here by celebrating the diverse levels of learning and achievement.

We leave constant reminders of the importance of a growth mindset so that we can all grow and develop ourselves as learners.

We are really looking forward to leading our Academic Committee where we will be putting in place some great learning tools for your use. We cannot wait to once again implement the peer tutoring system, where generous students within the school offer their expertise on subjects of their choice. They will be able to offer you advice and guidance on subjects you would like extra help with, or merely serve as a liaison or second opinion on troublesome questions.

We want to fill you with passion and eagerness, and grow a love of learning in you all.

Issy Cowlishaw and Francesca McCulloch - Academic Prefects 2017