Hello, everyone! We are Bonnie Harrison and Jenna Loffhagen, your Academic Prefects for 2016, and it is our privilege to be championing the student cause for academic pride and success. Every year at Marlborough Girls' College is filled to the brim with students’ outstanding achievements, and this year will be no different. We are so very proud to promote and celebrate the diverse academic talents of these mana wahine. We further support the implementation of iSMART goals, both academic-related and non-academic, as a motivational mechanism for students.

As Academic Prefects, and leaders of the Academic Committee, one of our main projects throughout the year is peer tutoring, where our MGC Senior School Leaders and other generous seniors offer their expertise to students who may want extra help in any given school subject. This is a great opportunity for tutelage for girls who may be too shy to approach their teachers, or are merely seeking a second opinion on their take on an in-class concept. This programme, called Yearn 2 Learn (or Y2L) offers on-duty tutors in the library each school day, as well as the availability of dedicated personal tutors. Students enlisting the help of on-duty tutors will go in the draw to win a $5.00 canteen voucher, drawn monthly.  In 2016, this project will be launching in March.

Among other projects that are currently under wraps, the Academic Prefects are in charge of Careers Week. This is a great opportunity for students to explore different career fields and discover their passions. It all culminates in the Careers Expo, which features real, local, industry specialists who are available to tell students more about their field of choice.  We are also working in tandem with the School Council to create a Student Forum to focus on how our students learn and what they love about learning.

We are looking forward to bringing the world of employment to MGC, as well as promoting academics within the school in as many other venues as possible, and to work to the best of our committee’s capabilities.

Whether maths, sciences, health sciences, social sciences, languages, arts, trades, vocations, or special education, we are infinitely proud of any and all of the MGC students’ accomplishments, and look forward to a successful 2016!

Bonnie Harrison and Jenna Loffhagen, Academic Prefects 2016