Community Relations

We are both extremely privileged to be the Marlborough Girls' College Community Relations prefects for 2016, and look forward to an action packed year ahead!

Our role involves leading and supporting positive community initiatives, and displaying the importance of giving back to society and doing good for the community. Fundraising for the 40 hour Famine will be a major event on our calendar this year, which will involve us encouraging and supporting students to appreciate the less fortunate and take time out of their lives to enhance the lives of others. Form class challenges are always a fantastic event and continually work to support and give back to the wider community. Every year there are always new ideas for this task, and they are always carried out in a successful manner, with classes successfully doing ‘good’ in society and enhancing the lives of others in the wider community.

Our goal for this year is to encourage every student at Marlborough Girls' College to take on the responsibility of being a positive citizen in their community and promote the importance of giving back to society. We believe, as the Community Relations Prefects, that giving is more important and humbling than receiving, and aim to promote this within the community of the whole school life, leading to the ongoing enhancement of the wider community and society.

Meg Hocquard and Harriet Greenslade, Community Relations Prefects 2016