Hi everyone.  I'm Maxine and this year I'm absolutely ecstatic about being 2017's Cultural Prefect. 

Throughout the years Marlborough Girls' College has grown many young dancers, actors, musicians and performers that have bloomed into wonderful talented women.  This year I will be supporting these passionate girls as well as promoting many wonderful opportunikties that are offered in school as well as out of school.

My main goal is to promote these events and in turn get our girls releasing their creative energies on to the stage.  These opportunities include house drama, house choir, MGC music competitions, MGC talent quest, Shakespeare competition, Choir, Stage Challenge and also out of school activities such as Smokefree Rockquest.  Within these events students will gain knowledge about the performing arts adn the performance world.  In the past we have had many young women from MArlborough Girls' College that have gone on to be opera singers, international dancers, instrumentalists, teachers and well known musicians.  

This year I will always be there encouraging our Mana Kohine to delve intot he performing arts as well as always being there for friendly support with their endeavours.

Maxine Kemp, Cultural Prefect 2017