Deputy Head Girl

My Name is Shannon Hewetson and I'm bursting with anticipation for all that awaits me this year in my role as Deputy Head Girl - a year which I know will be busy and yet incredibly rewarding every step of the way.

My main role this year involves providing all the love and support I can muster to all my fellow prefects in any challenges they endure this year. Most of all I am a right hand woman to our gorgeous Head Girl. I also have the great pleasure of leading the year 11 leadership group this year.  

I place great priority in the belief that while we are all created equal we are not all the same.  Therefore I’m hoping for a year of celebration of diversity, and recognition of quality of character. I aim to embody these values of confidence and integrity in order to be a role model to all of MGC.

But above all I want each and every student at MGC to feel as though their voice matters. It is my hope that every member of our MGC team will know they can be their own Mana Wahine, that there is no ideal version of a strong woman, only the version they create for themselves.

Shannon Hewetson, Deputy Head Girl 2016