Deputy Head Girl


My name is Grace Lawson and I am so excited for what is to come in my role as Deputy Head Girl this year! A year in which will be crazy busy, yet extremely rewarding at the same time.

My main role as Deputy Head Girl is being a right hand woman for the beautiful Mckynlee Breen (Head Girl) and supporting her with all that I can throughout the year. We are hoping to fill the year with both fun, and making a difference throughout the school in the greatest possible ways. Not only do I provide the support for our wonderful Head Girl, I provide all the support and love I can to our wonderful prefect team in any challenges or help they need with future challenges they may endure.

I also have the wonderful opportunity of leading the Year 11 leadership group this year! And am so excited for what ideas they are bursting to tell me, and how we can make a difference in their very first year of being a senior. As a leader myself I am hoping to inspire girls of Marlborough Girls’ College, in both year 11 but also throughout the school to see the potential is infinite within ourselves and to lead by example, and achieve goals to the greatest extent.

This year I aim to encourage girls to be confident in both themselves and others. To strive to be their own Mana Wahine who bring a different voice to our MGC sisterhood. But most of all I want girls to know their voice matters, and that although we celebrate diversity, no person is the same. Embracing our differences is what makes us who we are today.

To leave you with a quote from the amazing Dr Seuss… “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” A quote so amusing yet so true, no one else does the work for you, or thinks for you, experiences your emotions, your failure, your success, it’s all up to you. Something all girls at Marlborough Girls’ College as Mana Wahine know, and that its up to them to be their own successful Mana Wahine.

Grace Lawson, Deputy Head Girl 2017