Environment Council

Hello everyone! I am Laurie Duncan, and it is my privilege to be the Environment Prefect for 2017. I am very excited for the year ahead, which is already gearing up to be action-packed!

I hope to inspire every student at Marlborough Girls’ College to look around and relish our beautiful school environment. Respecting the environment and those who occupy it, is what truly represents a Mana Wahine - something we should all aspire to be.

This year, with the help from the Environment Committee, I aim to run multiple environmental events throughout the year such as Bike to School Day and Arbour Day to promote local to international causes; also to ensure we approach daily life at MGC in a fun and eco-friendly way.

I feel incredibly honoured to be in this role, and I, alongside the other Prefects, will put my all into making this year a year to remember!

Laurie Duncan, Environment Prefect