Annyeong, Bonjour, Konichiwa, Nihao, Hola!

Hello, my name is Minji Kim and I am your International Prefect for 2017. I feel honoured to have this position, to build a bridge between the international students and our school. I am so excited as this is an amazing and meaningful opportunity for me to learn, as I believe, I still have many things to learn from our diverse population of students to become a better person. I will make sure that our international students are engaging in school activities and enjoying their experiences while they are at Marlborough Girls’ College.

One of my goals in this position is to help the international students integrate into our school, feeling that they are an integral part of our community. As I am also an international student, I have the understanding of the other international students’ struggles and how it actually feels. I would like to help our girls gain confidence in being international students and to be able to trust themselves.

The main event of the year will be International Week which is in Term 2! This is an exciting chance for the International students to introduce their diverse cultures to our school. I will do my best to develop a tight relationship between the school, the International students and the interest committee members.

2017 will be an amazing year. I want to make sure that everyone embraces all of our different nationalities so we are one community at Marlborough Girls’ College. Every person can learn about different cultures without actually having to fly to a foreign country! Sharing our cultures is an important way we can learn more about ourselves. 2017 is going to be a year of growth and development. Make sure you take the challenge!

Minji Kim, International Prefect 2017