Promotions and Events

Hello everyone, my name is Lauren Hynd and I am very excited to be the Promotions and Events Prefect for 2017.

I have the privilege of promoting activities in the school, such as Youth Week and I Love Me Day.

Another aspect of my role is the Quiet Achiever Award; this award is meant to give the students who have a positive influence on the MGC community the recognition they otherwise may not have been given. I also work closely with the Marlborough Express and other local newspapers to advocate the achievements and activities that we have here at MGC.

I am honoured and delighted to be able to showcase the school spirit by photographing and documenting all the events that occur throughout this year. 

Alongside my committee members, I will aim to support and encourage all students to be involved with events, be they academic, sporting, cultural or international; I will do everything possible to ensure everyone enjoys their time here at MGC - after all, there is something for everyone.

Lauren Hynd, Promotions and Events Prefect 2017