School Council

Hello everyone, my name is Caitlyn Woodley and this year I have the privilege of being your Head Of School Council Prefect for 2017. This year, I aim to run a successful and cohesive Student Council, which focuses on creating leadership opportunities, improving the school and empowering young women.

The first upcoming event is the MGC Student Expo. At the expo, we strive to educate and encourage all year levels at MGC to get involved within college life. The expo also includes lots of exciting food stalls and interesting activities to keep students involved and motivated for the upcoming year.There are many exciting events coming up this year, but the major ones that I will be working on are the Semi-Formal and Formal. Both these occassions are very exciting and daunting events for myself. I will also be working with the HOSC from MBC to create a project to better the lives of Marlborough students. This project will also include the drafted creation of ‘Work Days’ at MGC.

We also have the upcoming form class challenge. This is an inspirational and difficult task which each form captain and form class undertake. In order to support other people in the community. This is a fantastic project which I hope to work closely with my Student Councillors this year.

Caitlyn Woodley, 2017