Student Support

Hello, everyone! Ellie Spurlock and Paige Walker are our names and student
Support Prefects is our game! It is an absolute delight to have the opportunity to
work with such a plethora of radiant students (such as yourself) and ensure that we
meet, perpetuate and advocate your needs. Whether it be your last, or first of many
stellar years at Marlborough Girls’ College, we look forward to seeing what each of
you bring to the table when supporting the MGC student body!
There is a little something for everyone when it comes to the umbrella of Student
Support at MGC. As a capable student, you can find your place as a peer
supporter/mediator, SADD representative or Spectrum ally -- and for the caring and
daring, we encourage you to embark on ventures into all of these fields.
Writing this has prompted us to contemplate our holistic goal as your 2017 prefects,
and through this contemplation we have discovered that to put a specific goal onto
our prefectoral duties would be to constrain the barriers of our services (however,
this does NOT mean any of you lovely MGC pupils are excused from writing your
own SMART goals!). Our goal therefore is broad and constantly evolving, much like
our realm of expertise, and closely paralleled to your time at MGC. We know that no
matter your year level, school can introduce a multitude of challenges ergo forcing
you to (like our goal) be in an infinite state of shifting -- and while this may seem
daunting, fear not! For you have us, a team of trained and vivacious peer supporters,
a committee of passionate students, a family at Marlborough Girls -- as relayed by
the wise girls in The Sisterhood of The a Traveling Pants, " matter what
happens, we stick together."

Ellie Spurlock and Paige Walker, Student Support Prefects 2017