Athletics Sports' Results

Athletics Sports 2016

The MGC Athletic Sports were held on Thursday 3 March 2016 at Athletic Park.

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House Points:

1st Awatere - 1298 points

2nd Kaituna - 1049 points

3rd Opawa - 960 points

4th Wairau - 823 points


1 record set: - Eniselina Pale U15 Shot Put 9.86m, beating the previous best of 9.68m set by Danelle Dunn in 1999.



Stella Roberts - U14 Champion

1st  100m,200m,400m,800m

Holly Blake - 1st 1500m, Open 3000m

Zoe Blackmore - 2nd 400m, 800m

Isabella Rohloff - 1st High Jump, 3rd Shot Put

Masina Salesa - 1st Shot Put, Javelin

Grace Waring-Jo - 3rd 200m, 400m, High Jump

Michelle Brown - 3rd 800m

Jasmyne Henry - 3rd Discus       

Nicole Wilkinson - 100m, 2nd Shot Put

Destiny Aires - 2nd High Jump

Anna Gardiner - 2nd Discus

Leonie Marshall - 1st Long Jump

Maddy Croad - 2nd Javelin

Ana Carter - 2nd 200m

Aliah Newma - 2nd 1500m

Tiria-Jade Paewai - 2nd Long Jump

Olivia Robinson - 2nd 100m, 3rd Long Jump

Riley Gladman - 3rd 1500m

Pippa Barnes - 3rd Javelin

Maiden Tupara - 1st Discus



Yazmin Shipley - U15 Champion

1st 400m, 800,High Jump, 2nd Long Jump

Ruby Smith - 1st 100m, 200m, 2nd 400m

Eniselina Pale - 1st Shot Put (RECORD), 2nd Discus

Emily Dalton - 1st 1500m, 3rd 3000m (Open)

Alexandra Henderson - 3rd High Jump

Victoria Tucker - 3rd 100m, 200m

Penelope Grigg - 3rd Long Jump

Trinity Newman - 1st Discus

Hannah Barnsley - 2nd 800, 3rd 1500m

Emma Cox - 2nd 100, High Jump

Nikcarla Laird - 2nd Javelin

Hannah Whittall - 1st Javelin

Lauren Simpson - 2nd 200m

Sophie Whittall - 3rd Shot Put, Javelin

Mackenzie Hall - 2nd 1500m, 3rd 800m

Shanay Harvey - 3rd 400m

Paige Smith - 2nd Shot Put, 3rd Discus

Taylor McLaren - 1st Long Jump



Cerys James-Sitters - U16 Champion

1st 400m,Shot Put, Discus, 3rd 200m, Long Jump, Javelin

Sarah Maclean - 1st 800m, 1500m, 2nd 400m

Hayley Strong - 3rd Shot Put, Discus

Sindy Kirkwood - 3rd 100m, High Jump

Kirsty Martin - 2nd Javelin

Jess Wilson - 1st Javelin

Hannah Dickson - 1st 100m, 200m

Judith Marfell - 1st Long Jump

Milly Burfoot - 1st High Jump, 2nd Long Jump

Jessie Dentice - 2nd 100m, 200m

Jalen King - 2nd Shot Put

Libby Grigg - 2nd Discus

Emma Meissen - 3rd 800m

Apolline Anouil - 2nd 800m

Lydia Columbus - 2nd 1500m

Jayda Elkington - 3rd 1500m

Jacqui Marfell - 2nd High Jump



Brittney Lyons - U19 Champion

1st 100m, High Jump 2nd 200m, 400m, 3rd Long Jump

Tiana Williams - 200m, 400m, 2nd 100m, Long Jump

Liv Bishop - 1st 800, 1500m, 2nd 3000m (Open)

McKynlee Breen - 1st Long Jump

Morgan Gurr - 3rd 800m, 1500m

Alice Linssen - 3rd Javelin

Isabella Samau - 1st Discus, 2nd Shot Put

Ella Irvine - 3rd 400m

Molly Ramsay - 2nd 1500m

Michaela Rowe - 2nd 800m

Tegan Williams - 3rd Discus

Samantha Lawrence - 1st Shot Put

Kate Rawcliffe - 1st Javelin

Phoebe Leov - 2nd Discus, Javelin

Jordan Peipi - 3rd Shot Put

Macaela Reeves - 3rd 100m, 200m, High Jump

Seini Manoa - 2nd High Jump


Special Olympics

Tenishya McIsaac - 1st Shot Put, 2nd 200m

Amber-Jaye Paul            - 1st Long Jump, 100m, 2nd Shot Put

Taylah Rasmussen - 200m, 4th 100m

Sky Veevers - 2nd 100m, 3rd Long Jump, Shot Put, 5th 200m

Laura Boyd - 3rd 100m, 4th Shot Put

Talia Leach Jones - 1st 100m, 2nd Long Jump, 4th 200m, 5th Shot Put