Cross Country Results

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Approximately 300 staff and students ran the 3 km course in very blustery and cool conditions on Thursday 5 May 2017 at the Wither Hills Farm Park.

Another 320 students and staff walked to the Lookout while some of the runners chose to double up and do this event as well, earning valuable house points.


1st  Pippa Bishop (Wairau) 12.47 (Fastest time of the day)
2nd  Lucy Harman (Awatere) 12.57 (3rd fastest)
3rd  Charlotte Westend (Awatere) 13.05


1st  Grace Waring-Jones (Kaituna) 14.49
2nd  Lucy Bendell (Wairau) 15.34
3rd  Lahana Dempster (Wairau) 15.35


1st  Emily Dalton (Awatere) 12.54 (2nd fastest)
2nd  Hannah Barnsley (Opawa) 13.11
3rd  Shanay Harvey (Awatere) 14.21


1st  Lucy Sheat (Awatere) 14.28
2nd  Amber Lyons (Katiuna) 14.44
3rd  Abella Yuen (Opawa) 14.56