Hello everyone!


My name is Sophie Robinson and I have the absolute honour of being the Awatere House Prefect for 2017.

Within this role my job is to encourage and promote house participation and spirit within the Awatere house as well as throughout the school community.

 My goal for this year is to get as many girls participating in the wonderful events that are held annually throughout the school year. With most of these events being sporting events, along side the other house prefects I will be trying to develop new minor activities that will help suit all strengths including academic and cultural, making the house competition something for everyone to get involved in. Getting girls involved within the activities available is something that I’m very passionate about as I feel as though everyone needs an opportunity to get involved with what Marlborough Girls College has to offer, as its a way to make new friends and even may lead into leadership roles in the years to follow.

Awatere athletics

 I’m hoping to make enthusiasm and involvement a top priority within our house community to gain as many points as we can throughout the course of the year. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead leading the wonderful group of girls that make up the Awatere House. May the best house win.

 Sophie Robinson, Awatere House Prefect 2017