Awatere Prefect2016

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Berriman and I have the absolute pleasure of being your Awatere House Prefect for 2016.

As leader of this house, I aim to encourage all girls in Awatere to get involved with everything MGC has to offer - not just in house events, but academic and extracurricular. I am so excited to encourage enthusiasm and involvement throughout the girls so we can gain as many points as possible and come out on top, where we rightly belong! I can already tell that 2016 is going to be a ‘red hot’ year for all of Awatere! I hope to see my girls taking part in everything our house has to offer - whether you are Year 9 or a rising superstar - there’s something to do for everyone in our big, red family! Year 13, whether you’re the next Valerie Adams, a self-confessed drama queen

I can’t wait to lead our ‘red hot’ Awaterians into a bit of “friendly” rivalry against the other houses and show them what we’re made of!

Katie Berriman, Awatere House Prefect 2016