Kia Ora, Konichiwa, Kamusta Kaitunians!


The year of blue is upon us and I, Morgan Gurr, have the priviledge of being Kaituna House Prefect through the amazing journey that is our redemption year.  Along with my three awesome deputies, Cerys James-Sitters, Libby Grigg and Baileah-Rose Newport, we are going to prove to the Marlborough community what we have known for some time.  That Kaituna is the biggest, bluest and best house that MGC has to offer.

Our goal for the year is to foster young Kaitunians love for their new family within MGC and reignite the spark within the house as a whole.  We plan on increasing not only the participation (and therefore improving our results), but also increasing the enjoyment that our girls get from participating - because, after all, we are Kaituna and we couldn't be prouder!

Morgan Gurr, Kaituna House Prefects 2017