Opawa FlagWelcome all Opawians, you’ve come to the right team.

Welcome to our sunny House, MGC’s yellow machine.

This year we’ll go far, of this I have no doubt

This year will be Opawas, these things come in roundabouts.

Whether we be swimming or just throwing a tennis ball,

Those other Houses - we're gonna beat them all.

Be it in spirit or by getting a first place,

No woah-man will be left behind in any single race.

Opawa is mighty and Opawa is strong,

If another House thinks they'll win, we're gonna prove them wrong.

At the top of our lungs we'll sing a song that is somewhat in tune,

And I'll be there, waving my arms, looking like a loon.

When cross country finally comes around,

We'll all go for that run, our feet churning up the ground.

opawa athletics

And for all you new team members, all of you out there,

We're gonna have fun, there is nothing to fear!

We have something for everyone, from drama to basketball,

To choir, soccer, ki-o-rahi you can do it all.

And if you're a superstar in class, your teachers’ will sign you an offical super star pass.

Each signature you get on your tino pai card,

Will get us more points then we'll be winning by a yard.

So try your best, all year round,

Opawa is the loudest & funnest House I've found.

This year we're all a family, all on one big team,

So let's all stick together ‘cuz this year’s gonna be mean.


Amy Potts, Opawa House Prefect 2017