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Digital Devices for Learning

We are a BYOD School. All students are encouraged to take part in the MGC ‘Bring Your Own Device’ to integrate their learning both inside and outside of school and to take advantage of the information and collaborative opportunities the world wide web and access to technology provides.

The device might be a laptop, a Chromebook or a tablet – any Internet-capable device with a keyboard that can assist learning. A mobile phone is not an appropriate device to be used as a learning tool in all contexts, it may supplement another device.

Students using devices are able to collaborate in solving real world problems and to develop the essential learning skills that are needed for life in the 21st Century.

We are a Google platform school. Google Classroom is our all-in-one place for teaching and learning.

Every course will have its own Google classroom which allows students to access learning from anywhere, on any device, and give them more flexibility and collaborative tools including docs, sheets, slides, forms, meets and more. It also

  • Give students the ability to adjust accessibility settings so they can learn in the way that works best for them — even in multiple languages
  • Keep everyone on track with student to-do and teacher to-review pages, and due dates that automatically appear on student calendars when classwork is created
  • Upload coursework documents automatically as templates to give each student their own copy of an assignment when it is created
  • Allows teachers to give feedback /commentary as students progress with their learning

Affordability and support for the purchase of a device

We are aware that not all parents are in a position to purchase a device if this is not indicated early, and we appreciate that the start of year is expensive after Christmas and the purchase of uniforms, stationery etc.

At MGC we have Chromebooks that we can provide to students who are unable to provide their own. For this reason, we are trying to provide you with early notification of the need for students to have a device. If you are wanting to borrow a Chromebook, this can be arranged in the first couple of days of school. We do not require expensive or high-spec devices. An existing device purchased for use at your child’s primary school may well be sufficient in the first instance.

What is essential is a device which is lightweight, has a good wireless chipset to enable easy access to the school Wi-Fi and a long battery life so it will last the school day. The “Chromebook” currently being used in several schools is a satisfactory option, especially if you have one already in use at their current school. The Chromebook meets our minimum specs for a device. If you are purchasing a new device, please consider the specifications in this letter before you buy.


1. Phones are not considered suitable for a main BYOD device, as the screen is too small and not all apps work or view well on the screen.
2. Ipads and other tablets are not our preferred option as they often do not have the capability to run the apps such as Javascript and google drive, causing frustration for the student and the teacher. However, if your child already has one of these we will accept this in the first instance.

Software Specifications

MGC has no preference for device brand or software as we aim to utilise Google Suite and other platforms free to use online.

Once your child is enrolled and starts at MGC they will be eligible to download Microsoft Office for free using the school credentials so there is no need to purchase this software.

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