Arts Student Leaders

ArtsPrefects2018Hi girls! Our names are Kirsty Martin, Libby Holdaway and Siobhan Hemingway, and we are super excited to be ‘The Arts’ prefects for this year!

Our main role is the promotion of arts, including dance, drama, music and visual arts within Marlborough Girls College. We are extremely passionate about the arts, and hope to further encourage students within the school to share whatever talents make them unique to make this year culturally successful. We also aim to make improvements on what is already an incredible school for the arts, and encourage more involvement in the school, and wider community.

This year we are lucky enough to have a wonderful arts committee working alongside us. We are really looking forward to the ideas they will bring to further develop the arts within the school. We can't wait to see the exciting new improvements we can make together - let's create!

The Arts prefects, Kirsty, Libby and Siobhan