Deputy Head Girl

MillyBurfootPrefectHi I’m Milly Burfoot and I’m thrilled to be Deputy Head girl for 2018, and ready for the hectic but exciting year ahead!

My main role this year is to stand by and support our amazing Head Girl, Stacey Williams. We hope to make this year one full of self-love and improvement to make your year at Marlborough Girls College as supportive and positive as we can.

I also provide support to the lovely girls that make up the prefect team this year. As a smaller group, we plan on working closer and smarter than ever! With the new leadership style in place, this year’s going to be one for change and new ideas. We want all inspiration to come from you, from the sisterhood of MGC.

I also have the privilege of leading the Year 11 leadership group and I’m looking forward to all the ideas they have to bring to the table in their first year of being a senior. We want this school to be led from the ground up and to have input from all ages and areas of the school, so speak up and don’t be afraid to bring new ideas or challenges forward as we promise to welcome them with open arms and ears.

This year I want to encourage you all to follow your passions. Set goals not just because you have to, but because you want to. Set them around your interests, plans for the future and what makes you happy. Put purpose into your days at school, passion into the year ahead and I promise you’ll enjoy your time here so much more.

So get ready for a year of self improvement in the way we treat others, treat our time and most importantly in how we treat ourselves as Mana Wahine. Let’s make 2018 a blast!

Milly Burfoot, Deputy Head Girl 2018