School Council

I’m Eve Goodall-Cromarty, and I’m very excited to be the Head of School Council for 2018.Eve Goodall Cromarty web

This year I will be leading the School Council, a group of strong leaders who provide the student voice at MGC. Our main focus as a Council, this year, is to encourage the environmental awareness, that is our school and our surroundings. We’re excited to develop the ongoing beautification of the school and work on creating a more sustainable place for our students.

As a Council, we will work on improving the annual Whanau Class Challenge and plan new ideas around Buddy Whanau Class systems. The Whanau Captains are a very enthusiastic group of girls, and I believe that they will have some amazing ideas so that we can create an even greater positive atmosphere in the school.

I aim to closely work with the MBC Head of School Council, so that our councils can be more connected as the leaders of the Marlborough youth, and inform our junior students about co-location in greater detail.

As well as the Student Council, I will also be involved in supporting Stacey and Milly with the leadership and event promotion in the school. We aim to promote leadership within all year levels of the school and expand on Stacey’s focus on Self Love. We want to ensure that student events throughout the year are successful so that every girl at MGC has a memorable year.

Eve Goodall-Cromarty, 2018