Cross Country Results

Conditions were perfect on Thursday 3 May when students and staff took to the hills to run a 3 km course at the Wither Hills Farm Park.Crosscountry web

Students and staff also walked to the Lookout to get a spectacular view over the town.


1st  Charlotte Westend (Awatere) 13.46
2nd  Abbey Moody (Kaituna) 14.23
3rd  Freya Thompson (Kaituna) 14.37


1st  Lucy Harman (Awatere) 13.08
2nd  Meg Flanagan (Awatere) 14.10
3rd  Hannah Chapman (Wairau) 14.38


1st  Holly Blake (Awatere) 12.36 (fastest time of the day)
2nd  Grace Waring-Jones (Kaituna) 14.29
3rd  Lahana Dempster (Wairau) 15.49


1st  Emily Dalton (Awatere) 12.55
2nd  Hannah Barnsley (Ōpaoa) 13.09
3rd  Shanay Harvey (Awatere) 13.48


Final house points for the day

1st - Awatere - 486 points

2nd - Kaituna - 461 points

3rd - Ōpaoa - 407 points

4th - Wairau - 348 points