Student Life

Our Houses

All students and staff are members of a House, and they are encouraged to participate in as many House activities as possible.  Most whanau classes are made up of students from one house, with some whanau classes comprising students of two houses.

House points are awarded for participation and to winners.

Throughout the year we run a series of Inter-House Competitions from February to November and this means a lively and fun competition between houses which helps to build involvement and teamwork.  Some examples include swimming sports, athletic sports, cross country, House Drama, and House Choir Competitions.

Houses at MGC are Awatere (red), Kaituna (blue), Ōpaoa (yellow) and Wairau (green). We select a House Manutaki for each house every year and House Deputies are selected by the House at the beginning of the year. To find out more about any individual house or their House Manutaki for this year, click on the flag below.

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My name is Alice Paterson, and this year I have been given the awesome opportunity of leading Ōpaoa house!

I am keen to see every Ōpaoaian reach out of their comfort zone and get stuck into everything with some house spirit.  I would love to see Ōpaoa rise up the ranks this year and take the win we are capable of – it is great to see everyone working together like the number one team we are! House events are my favourite and allow us to work together inclusively.

Along with winning, my main goal for this year is to increase participation. We can strengthen our team using the school values of kotahitanga (unity, togetherness) and whanaungatanga (sense of family). I have a wicked team of deputies (Ruby Marshall, Liz Pousima, Anneliese van Dijk, Summer Spragg and Morghan Summerscales) and a committee to help Ōpaoa achieve these goals. So excited for the rest of the year!!!


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Kia Ora & Talofa Lava. My name is Fiaalii Solomona and I am the Wairau House Manutaki for 2022

This year I want to have a positive impact on the role of Manutaki of Wairau for 2022. This means upholding our school values within school, and maintaining our friendly culture and unity in the school so all students from different house groups can thrive together to enhance our school vision. The House Manutaki have also set a goal to make house events more inclusive for all.  There will be house events for all students at MGC to enjoy and find that best suit them. The aim is to work with other manutaki to strengthen these areas by helping students to get out of their box and be the best version of themselves.

Working alongside me this year are my awesome deputies Zoe Adams, Isabella Tupouto’a, Iris Vavasour, and Jeasinah Alipia. These amazing leaders will be working alongside me and supporting me through my journey of taking the DUBS this year.


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Hey all of you KOOL KAITUNIANS!

My name is Jennifer Mattison, but I go by Jen. This year I have taken up the exciting role of becoming the 2022 Kaituna House Manutaki! 

My main goal for Kaituna this year is to raise the fun and enthusiastic feel of House events. I would love to introduce new and improved house events to get all those amazing Kaitunians involved and ensure everyone feels included!

Working alongside me, I have five amazing House Deputies: Peyton, Eliza, Kyla, Hazel and Delyth, the awesome Kaituna House Teacher Mrs Del’Monte as well as the super Kaituna Committee. This strong team will support us on our journey to hopefully another victory this year. Let’s keep the winning streak going in 2022 and make it one to remember!


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Hi Everyone! 

I’m Liv Matthews and I am your Awatere Manutaki for 2022. I’m super excited to be in this position this year and can’t wait to see what the year has in store for all of our awesome Awaterians! My main goal this year is for everyone to get involved, have loads of fun and try our best in all of the house events we are going to put on for you. There will definitely be something for everyone in the house events that we have coming up this year!

This year I am getting to work alongside my 5 awesome house deputies: Emma, Olive, Chloe, Issie and Nicola as well as Ms Collet to make sure that everyone in awatere has an awesome year and feels included within the house! I look forward to seeing everyone at the rest of our house events lets all give it our best and most of all have tons of fun!


The Champion House for 2022

(Winner of the Rickard Shield) was Ōpaoa!

Well done to each and every student and staff member who participated in House events this year and helped to make it such a close competition.

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