Student Life

Our Houses

All students and staff are members of a House, and they are encouraged to participate in as many House activities as possible.  Most whanau classes are made up of students from one house, with some whanau classes comprising students of two houses.

House points are awarded for participation and to winners.

Throughout the year we run a series of Inter-House Competitions from February to November and this means a lively and fun competition between houses which helps to build involvement and teamwork.  Some examples include swimming sports, athletic sports, cross country, House Drama, and House Choir Competitions.

Houses at MGC are Awatere (red), Kaituna (blue), Ōpaoa (yellow) and Wairau (green). We select a House Manutaki for each house every year and House Deputies are selected by the House at the beginning of the year. To find out more about any individual house or their House Manutaki for this year, click on the flag below.

Marlborough Girls College Sports



Hey guys!! My name is Summer Spragg and I have been chosen for the fantastic role of Manutaki Ōpaoa for 2023!

Some fun facts about me I love being outside and going for adventures, doing sports like skiing, sailing, surfing and horse riding. I love to read and hang out with my friends and family. This year I am so excited to see students step outside of their comfort zone for house activities and spread the house spirit! My favourite Whakatauki is “Tu Whitia Te Hopo Mairangitia Te Angitu” – Feel the fear and do it anyway.

My goal as Manutaki Ōpaoa for 2023 is to improve participation in house events and build the house spirit to make it feel like a whanau. Using the values Manaakitanga (respect), Whanaungatanga (belonging) and Kotahitanga (unity) I know Ōpaoa can become a whānau that cheers everyone along and helps people be more comfortable when trying new things. I have an amazing group of deputies and my committee plus everyone in Ōpaoa that is going to help us win the house cup for the second year in a row!!! 


Marlborough Girls College Sports



Kia Ora. My name is Zoe Adams, and I am so excited to be your Manutaki Wairau in 2023.

I am very keen to see each and every Warrior reach out of their comfort zone throughout the year to achieve our combined goal of taking home the dub. We can use our school values Kotahitanga (unity, togetherness), Whanaungatanga (sense of whānau, belonging) and Manaakitanga (respect for ourselves and others) to do so.

There are a variety of fun house events – something for everyone. These are a great break from our busy school lives!

My personal goal this year is to increase participation within our house, because every house point counts! I am lucky to have an amazing group of deputies and a committee to help Wairau achieve this goal. I’m really looking forward to the best year yet, raising the dub for Wairau!


Marlborough Girls College Sports



Hey Kool Kaitunians. My name is Chelsea and I’m the Manutaki Kaituna for 2023.

I am so excited for the year ahead, filling it with opportunities for everyone to get involved and have some fun throughout the year.

Sometimes school can become stressful and overwhelming, but it’s my job to make sure during these times you are able to create new memories and enjoy yourself.

This year the overall goal of the House Manutaki is to get as many of you involved as we can, participating in each house event.

A big piece of advice I would give to all of you is to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things, ‘You don’t know what you can do until you try.’ I encourage you to branch out and connect with different people within your house, teamwork will be the most vital component towards winning the 2023 house season. 


Marlborough Girls College Sports



My name is Emma Flanagan and I am so stoked to be the Awatere Manutaki for 2023.

I hope you’re all ready for an exciting year! I want to see every Awatereian push themselves out of their comfort zone and enthusiastically participate in our fantastic house events!  You guys are always eager to participate, and I hope to see that again this year while working with all of you incredible people! Let’s all work together to raise Awatere through the ranks! Taking the win we’re capable of – let us prove it in the house events this year! These events will allow us to collaborate as the strong house that we are! 

In addition to winning, my main goal for this year is to increase participation. We can strengthen our team by implementing the school values of Kotahitanga (unity, togetherness), Manaakitanga (respect, resilience, and creativity), and Whanaungatanga (respect, resilience, and creativity) (sense of family). Awatere will accomplish these goals with the help of a formidable team of deputies and a competitive committee. However, it is not only the committee and deputies who will assist us! In our house competitions, whether you are a competitive competitor or a relaxed participant, everyone counts! So get out there and help our house triumph!

The Champion House for 2023

(Winner of the Rickard Shield) was Ōpaoa!

Well done to each and every student and staff member who participated in House events this year and helped to make it such a close competition.

Marlborough Girls’ College