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2018 is the year for Ōpaoa.Jannika Roubos web 2018

The past couple of years we ahve narrowly missed coming away with the win of the annual house competition and have followed closely in second place, but this year we will not accept taking anything less than first place.

I am Jannika Roubos, and I ahve the absolute privilege of being 2018's Ōpaoa Prefect.  Assisting me in leading Ōpaoa to victory this year are my outstanding deputies, Ava Unwin, Brya Ingram and Sophie Woodhouse.  We are all extremely excited about this year and so far we have been off to an awesome start!  We came third in Athletics and won Swimming Sports!!  Came second in Junior ki-o-rahi and three way tied for first place in senior ki-o-rahi.  After these events we are in second place overall after Term 1, only 3 points behind Kaituna!

This year I really want to focus on getting as much student involvement I can, I want to build relationships with the juniors and encourage them to participate in all house events.  I want them to find the same love for our crazy, yellow house that I have.  I aim to make it that everyone feels proud to be in Ōpaoa and to build house spirit for the years to come.

Opaoa swimming 2 web 2018

The colour of our house is yellow and yellow is basically gold, so are already halfway there to winning.  So lets put in the effort to come out on top because I know we can do it.  Here's to 2018, let it be the best year for Ōpaoa yet!


Jannika Roubos, Ōpaoa House Prefect 2018