Learning in Years 9 – 11

Our Vision for Years 9 to 11: Connected Learning

Engage and Explore – Learning is designed to develop the foundations for future success through the MGC Ākonga Capabilities. Ākonga connect with self, with others, and the community to learn in a range of relevant and challenging contexts.

Year 9 and 10
Our junior curriculum has been designed to build students’ passion for learning by providing the opportunity to have choices about their learning and to follow their interests and talents.

The year is divided into two semesters which are approximately 18 weeks in length.
Students have the opportunity to:

  • Study 8 courses each semester totalling 16 each year
  • Choose courses from all 8 curriculum areas (Arts, Health and Physical Education, Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology). Some courses are cross-curricular eg. Science and Social Science
  • Choose a variety of courses focused on different capabilities, ideas and contexts

Courses are chosen through Schoolpoint, and planning documents to support course selection are here: Year 9; Year 10

Year 11
From 2024, redesigned Year 11 courses will be offered at MGC. More time will be spent on rich, deep learning and there will be a focus on allowing students scope to develop their learner capabilities. NCEA Level 1 will not be offered as a qualification in Year 11. The rationale for this shift is:

  • To allow more time for rich, deep learning;
  • To reduce the significant impact on student wellbeing of this level of assessment;
  • Year 11 courses preparing students for a quality NCEA Level 2 qualification in the following year.

In 2024, all students will sit the national assessment tasks for the new Literacy and Numeracy co-requisites.

Students will study six courses per semester.

  • English courses are full year (choose one)
  • Mathematics – choose one course in each semester
  • Science – choose one course in each semester
  • PLUS choose three more courses per semester from the other six learning areas

Courses are chosen through Schoolpoint, and a planning document to support course selection for Year 11 is here. Slides from our Year 11 course selection evening are here.

Whānau Time

Our kaupapa (purpose) in our Hauora Curriculum focuses on supporting our students in a more holistic and in-depth way to empower them to be connected, collaborative, community-minded citizens inspired to soar.

In Whānau time we recognise that every student needs a strong sense of belonging and has an adult Whānau teacher who will be a champion for your student’s learning success. They will know your student’s strengths and work in partnership with your child and with you to support their learning journey.

Every Wednesday we have an extended Whānau time of one hour where students have peer mentoring opportunities through the STARs programme at Year 9. In Years 10-13 there are other learning activities that help teach students to manage self, build resilience and apply our values of Whanaungtanga, Manaakitanga and Kotahitanga.