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Our Manukura/Head Girl for 2023 is Veisinia Moli.

Veisinia will be supported by her Manutāiko/Deputy Head Girl, Hayley Gush, and the Manutaki Rūnanga Ākonga/Head of School Council, Prachi Singh, along with the rest of the Manutaki team.

Malo e lelei,

Ko hoku hingoa ko Veisinia Moli. ´Oku ou fakamalo kihe otua i he ene tauhi mai eku moui, ou toe ausia ai ha faingamalie koeni.

Tena Koutou Katoa my name is Veisinia, and I am honoured to serve as your Manukura, Headgirl for 2023! This year holds a lot of promise, excitement and room for growth. I hope to create and nurture a safe, comfortable, positive learning environment for all students here at Marlborough Girls’. 

I believe in the sisterhood within MGC and the positive outcomes that come from the connection made between all students. I plan to continue enhancing this connection and help lead our Kura as we march with courage and resilience for 2023. This is a year full of opportunity and prosperity, and I plan to make 2023 a year of college to remember. 

My advice would be to get involved, step out of your comfort zone and join different groups to serve our school community and enjoy it! “Grab life with both hands, take opportunities you have, and create the ones you need”. Although it is important to focus on our academic goals, I encourage you to take some time and prioritise your own needs as they are equally important, enjoy every moment and make some of the best memories with the girls around you. 

This year, I encourage everyone to recognise that failure is a part of this journey. Without mistakes, there is no growth, so embrace your opportunities and never stop learning because life never stops teaching. 

Tuá Ofa atu , Veisinia

Kia ora koutou
Welcome back to 2023, our most exciting year yet. My name is Hayley and I feel so honored to welcome you back to school as your Deputy Head Girl for 2023. I am so excited for you to join our ever-growing Sisterhood and school community here at Marlborough Girls and welcome you to make strong and lasting connections with our fellow students.
These friendships are a big part of your support system and I am so thankful to the girls that stand next to me today. College can a big and scary place but one piece of advice I want to pass on to you is to make the most of every opportunity and make achievable goals for yourself. This way it keeps you on track for your final and end goal, whatever it may be. “Life is what you make of it”
I look forward to seeing what this year brings us, full of academic and personal achievements.
Cheers to our best year yet.


My name is Prachi Singh and it is my pleasure to be your Manutaki Rūnanga Ākonga for 2023.

I am excited to make changes within our Kura. I want to take this amazing opportunity, with the support of the student council, to use the voices and opinions of students to make a difference at Marlborough Girls College.

I want to be able to create a different meaning to how we perceive culture at our school and I want to bring importance to the diversity of our Kura and use that diversity to create inclusivity and celebrate our unity.

I believe we should focus on the betterment of the students at MGC, regarding both their education and their Hauora, and we should use their opinions and values to do so.

In 2023, we will continue to implement some key initiatives from previous years, such as sanitary product dispensers in bathrooms, breakfast club, and fundraising for organizations and events that make an impact on our community.

We will also construct new initiatives throughout the year that will create an inclusive and delightful experience for the students at Marlborough Girls College. 

Leadership is an action, not a position.  

Prachi Singh

Meet Our Manutaki Team

2023 Manutaki

  • Anafuamanu Te’o

    Manutaki Pasifika
  • Ella Sheridan
    Emily Flynn

    Manutaki Hākinakina | Sport
  • Enya Bekker
    Tamara Livingstone

    Manutaki Taiao | Environmental
  • Anika McPhee
    Lu Van Asch

    Manutaki Toi | Arts
  • Allie Treloar
    Ashleigh McElhinney
    Brylee Evans
    Madalyn Winstanley

    Manutaki Hauora | Wellbeing
  • Leander Mason
    Charlie Richmond
    Imogen Brophy

    Manutaki Ako | Teaching & Learning
  • Alex Brown

    Manutaki Māori
  • Temiah Cyster

    Manutaki Tāwāhi | International
  • Siobhan Tantrum
    Birna Thompson
    Kayla Parker
    Katie Hedgman

    Manutaki Kaiwhakahau Kaupaopa | Events & Promotions
  • Stella Henry
    Abigail Sandall

    Manutaki Hangarau | Digital
  • Delyth James-Sitters
    Sophie Ridley Scott

    Manutaki Kaiārahi | Stars

2023 House

  • Emma Flanagan

    Manutaki Awatere
  • Chelsea Martin

    Manutaki Kaituna
  • Summer Spragg

    Manutaki Ōpaoa
  • Zoe Adams

    Manutaki Wairau