New Space – New opportunities

February 21, 2023

We are excited to share with you our new Science space which allows teaching and learning to take place in a flexible learning environment.

At Marlborough Girls’ College we continue to develop a wider range of learning spaces for our ākonga. 

Our new science space is the latest update to provide students and staff with opportunities to experience flexible learning environments that match our curriculum design.

This space has a science lab at one end and a general learning space at the other, providing staff with the opportunity to co-teach in a wider range of classes. 

New Science space 2023 — Image by: Marlborough Girls’ College

This year at the Senior level we have classes in Year 11 Science, Year 12 & 13 Environmental Sustainability and two Year 12 Whānau classes being co-taught. Junior courses Mountains to Sea (Science & Social Studies) and Train to Gain (Science & Physical Education) are also co-taught in our new Science space.

The space has been fitted with a range of collaborative furniture including whiteboard table tops, 2 booths intended to be used as breakout spaces, alongside the usual science lab set up. Staff and students are working on establishing patterns and routines and using the physical space appropriately with respect to layout, movement, pace and transitions. 

We look forward to sharing feedback from these students and staff in future bulletins.