MGC Uniform requirements

School Uniform

Our students show pride in themselves, our College and by wearing their uniform correctly at all times. The Marlborough Girls’ College uniform is practical and we offer a range of options for all students including skirts, shorts and long trousers. This allows for comfort and alternatives depending on the season. We expect students and whānau to ensure the correct uniform is worn to and from school every day.

We are able to support students and whānau with uniform if required. Please talk to the Dean for your year group.


Uniform Shop

Open Time & Location

The Uniform Shop is open at lunchtime 1-2.15pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during term time.

You can find the Uniform Shop through Gate 4 at the rear of T block on McLauchlan Street. 

Click here for Uniform Shop Hours in January


Payment by cash or Eftpos including all major credit cards (exception of Amex)

WINZ and CFYS payments

Paywave available instore

Contact details

Enquiries to email or phone to leave a message if you would like to be contacted regarding uniform.


Uniform Options

Junior Uniform (Y9-11)

Optional Uniform

Senior Uniform (Y12-13)


Uniform Guidelines

Required Uniform

  • MGC Skirt – mid-calf length Napier tartan
  • MGC Summer blouse – white, short-sleeved, worn outside the skirt
  • MGC Winter blouse – white, long-sleeved with stiffened collar points, worn tucked in, with blue and gold striped College tie
  • Short plain white school socks regardless of the season.  No logos
  • Plain flat-heeled leather school black shoes with no adornments.

Optional Uniform

  • MGC navy blue Jersey
  • MGC Blazer
  • Plain navy or black Jackets – Term 2 and 3 only.
    Outdoor option – not to be worn indoors or on formal occasions.  No labels or adornments
  • Navy blue or black tights – Term 2 and 3 only
  • MGC Scarf (gold and blue bands)
  • Blue, black or white scrunchie or hair tie
  • Plain black leather school sandals, e.g. Roman sandals. (no socks or pantyhose)
  • Plain navy Gloves
  • White turtle-necked or polo-necked Skivvy
  • (Term 2 and 3 only)
  • MGC navy sleeveless Vest
  • MGC navy blue Trousers
  • MGC approved Shorts


Students may not wear jewellery while in uniform except for:

  • A watch
  • Earring studs of no more than 5.2mm of gold, silver, pearl or birthstone in each earlobe (Visible facial or body piercings are not permitted.)
  • Sleeper earrings of no more than 12mm diameter are permitted in each earlobe
  • Nose studs of no more than 1mm, clear, gold or silver
  • A taonga made of greenstone or bone may be worn outside the uniform.


  • Make-up if worn is to be subtle and not obvious.  Students will be asked to remove heavy black eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow
  • No coloured nail polish to be worn.

Number 1’s (Dress Uniform)

Number 1’s is the term used for our dress uniform.  Dress uniform is worn on official occasions when representing the College (and travelling to and from events).

Dress uniform consists of the Marlborough Girls’ College senior skirt and blazer:

  • worn with navy blue tights, MGC winter sleeved blouse and tie in winter (Terms 2 and 3)
  • worn with the MGC summer shirt, white socks and school shoes in summer (Terms 1 and 4).

Blazers are available for hire at the Uniform Shop for $20 (to cover the cost of dry cleaning, repair and replacement).  These must be booked in advance.

Second-hand Uniform

We also buy back uniforms that have been well looked after. Please call the uniform shop or email if you would like to find out more.

* Limited secondhand items sometimes available.

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