Student Representative

I, Kylie Linthwaite, am pleased to be able to introduce myself as the Student Representative for the Board of Trustees of Marlborough Girls' College in 2018.  Kylie

This is a great honour for me, and I am very excited to take this opportunity head on and learn from all that it has to offer.

As the BoT Student Representative, I will be the voice of my fellow students, and therefore am always eager to hear your input and ideas.  I feel, especially given the upcoming co-location in Marlborough of MBC and MGC, that it is important all students of MGC have the opportunity to have our voices heard.

I will apply myself to the best of my ability to help make a positive difference this year.  My intention is to help my fellow students and ensure they have a safe learning environment where they can continue to grow and develop as strong Mana Wahine.

Kylie Linthwaite - Board of Trustees Student Representative (2017- 2018)