Senior Learning

Our aim is for senior students to be inspired in their learning, work to their strengths and be nurtured. They will develop leadership skills through a variety of opportunities, give service and prepare to take their place in society, with a genuine pathway beyond school.

  • All Year 11 students study English, Mathematics and Statistics and Science. They also choose three additional subjects.
  • In Year 12 a course of English is compulsory and students study five additional subjects.
  • In Year 13 students study five subjects and have a line of study.

The Senior curriculum, from Years 11 to 13, offers students the opportunity to pursue their passions and ignite their future while achieving their NCEA qualifications.

National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Levels 1 to 3 are offered. These have a mixture of internal assessments and external examinations.

NCEA allows students the opportunities to excel in their own areas of strength. The reporting of individualised results, instead of giving a percentage mark, provides a breakdown of student attainment in every aspect of the subject, giving both students and parents more accurate information upon which to make decisions about future option choices and career pathways.