Learning in Years 12 – 13

Our Vision for Years 12 to 13: Pathways Learning

Personalised – Learning is designed to strengthen MGC’s Ākonga Capabilities and prepare students for life beyond school. Learning experiences and opportunities allow ākonga to pursue excellence, interests and strengths through flexible learning pathways.

The senior curriculum in Year 12 and 13 offers students the opportunity to pursue their interests while attaining their leaving qualifications. The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) at level 2 and 3 are offered as meaningful leaving qualifications. These comprise a mix of internal assessments and external examinations. NCEA is a flexible qualification and attainment is recognised in every component of a subject. Students will be supported by our Careers and Pathways team to make decisions about option choices and career opportunities.

Courses are chosen through Schoolpoint, and a planning document to support course selection for Year 12 and 13 is here.