Using Technology at MGC

We are a Google platform school. Google Classroom is our all-in-one place for teaching and learning.

Every course will have its own Google classroom which allows students to access learning from anywhere, on any device, and give them more flexibility and collaborative tools including docs, sheets, slides, forms, meets and more. It also:

  • Give students the ability to adjust accessibility settings so they can learn in the way that works best for them — even in multiple languages
  • Keep everyone on track with student to-do and teacher to-review pages, and due dates that automatically appear on student calendars when classwork is created
  • Upload coursework documents automatically as templates to give each student their own copy of an assignment when it is created
  • Allows teachers to give feedback /commentary as students progress with their learning

BYOD | Bring Your Own Device

All students are required to have a device. This integrates their learning both inside and outside of school and allows them to take advantage of the information and collaborative opportunities provided through access to technology in today’s world.

Recommended devices are a laptop or Chromebook. A mobile phone is not an appropriate device to be used as a learning tool.

Device loan

For those not in a position to purchase a device, we have chromebooks available for long term use by students. If you wish to borrow a chromebook, this can be arranged by contacting the Student Support Office.

Microsoft Office for free

All students enrolled at MGC are eligible to download Microsoft Office for free on their personal devices. You need your school login details and can access the download from the office 365 login site – https://login.microsoftonline.com/. Once logged in, you can install Microsoft Office on your device for free.  There is no need to purchase this software.

Whaia e koe te iti kahurangi, ki te touhu koe, me maunga teitei

Aim for what is truly valuable, be persistent and don’t let obstacles stop you from persuing your goals

Marlborough Girls’ College